Gosh, where do we even begin? The disappointments must have been obvious, otherwise why would we (husband and wife) have left our secure, satisfying, well paying jobs in the past; as a uni teacher/trainer/consultant and software engineer respectively (and trying to live miserly, haha)? Over 10 years of full time employment and making okay money, but we’re made to close one eye all throughout because whatever quality of early childhood care available is usually as good as it gets. Sigh.

If there are truly good ones, they’re probably beyond our income bracket and/or non-Islamic/secular based and/or too far away from us. While there are many Islamic-oriented ones that are quite decent and very affordable (and we have SO MUCH genuine respect for them), then again they may be seriously lacking in the self expression, fun and play factor. And then, in the equation of our frustration are those who claim to be doing so many wonderful things and offering exceptional quality, but are mere lip service (Read: Lies!). Urgh, we hate liars.

Plus, it doesn’t help too when people around you are telling you that it’s ‘all right’ because everyone else is having to settle! Because we don’t have a choice, they say. WRONG. We do and make our own choices in life. So, finally after 12 odd years, we’re finally saying it’s about time, and seeing that nobody else in our neighbourhood is going to do anything remotely close, let’s just do it the way we’ve always hoped for and wanted, at least for OUR children!

But, seriously, we cannot be the only parents looking for a place for our children where quality is never compromised for a fair price? Surely we cannot be the only parents who are looking forward to heading to the office happy, content and at peace because we’ve finally found our substitute pair of eyes who TRULY understands what quality entails and are a REAL extension to our family while we’re busy at work?

What do YOU think, honestly…