The pedagogy and philosophy at The TreeHouse share inspirations from the Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio Emilia (project-based) approach and any other early childhood discipline which promotes the importance of a holistic, child directed, experienced based learning that enhances the development of the whole child. What a mouthful! Forget jargons, in plain parent lingo, we’re basically the average parents who aren’t purists in any one approach and would take on and apply whatever we feel works best for our children, and in this case: PLAY! That is, a combination of various play methods that we are certain have and will work with ours (when we can help it), that surely would work for so many other children too!

Alhamdulillah, we’ve connected the dots and are the first around the neighbourhood (and nation) to adopt and combine the whimsical imaginative play of Waldorf, the intelligent systematic play of Montessori, and the aesthetic creative/artistic play of Reggio Emilia–all natural, all joyful, all inspiring! Now, these of course within a Khalifah-inspired environment, taking lessons (again) from a combination of Islamic Waldorf, Islamic Montessori and the Khalifah Method, and anything else in between that works too. And, owh, add technology into the mix because this is after all learning in the 21st century! To be honest, given the chance, that’s probably what any parent would do or want to do–taking inspiration from all that they think is best for their children!

We are indeed committed to PLAY!